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    Operating Expenses - Real Estate Operating Expenses
                 Operating Expenses are costs associated with the operation and maintenance of an income
                 producing property.  Operating Expenses include the following items.
  Accounting Expenses License Fees   Snow Removal
  Advertising    Office Expenses  Supplies
  Attorney Fees  Pest Control   Telephone
  Insurance     Property Management  Trash Removal
  Janitorial Service Property Taxes   Travel Expenses
  Lawn Care   Repair Costs  Vehicle Expense
  Leasing Commissions Resident Manager Utilities
  Legal Fees  Salary and Wages Etc.
                 Operating Expenses do not include the following.
                     Capital Expenditures - Improvements such as a new roof, new windows, the paving of
                        a driveway, a building addition, etc.
                     Personal property such as lawn mowers, snow removal equipment, etc.
                     Income and Capital Gains Taxes
                     Loan Origination Fees
                     Mortgage Interest
                Make sure you have a good understanding of all operating expenses associated with the
                operation of income producing properties.  The On Target investment analysis software
                can help you assess the impact of operating expenses on an  investment property's  income  
                and cash flow.  It provides comprehensive income and expense analysis to assist with the
                purchase of income producing properties and presentation quality reports to help with the
                sale.  To order On Target for just $99.95, click on   Purchase Software   To learn more about
                the On Target software, go to  Software Features  .  The On Target real estate software includes
                a 30 day money back guarantee and free support.
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