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     Sensitivity Analysis Report
                  ( See Report Below )  
  The On Target Sensitivity Analysis Function is a powerful tool that allows the real estate investor to modify up to nine different financial variables for an income property to assess  the impact on the investor's bottom line.  The real estate investor can change the purchase price, initial investment amount, loan interest rate, vacancy factor, appreciation growth rate, income growth rate, expense growth rate or the reinvestment rate of return and compare  current property financial projections to the modified property financial projections.  

In the example below the real estate appreciation growth rate was changed from 4 percent to 7 percent.  Note that this change caused the investor equity in year 10 to increase from 354,543 to 576,086 and the investor after-tax future wealth in year ten to increase from 596,352 to 770,049.   The investor's after-tax modified internal rate of return increased from 20.54 to 23.66. 

Any top notch real estate investment analysis software should include a Sensitivity Analysis tool.  It allows the investor to quickly run different financial scenarios to determine the impact on future profits.

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