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    House Flipping Miscellaneous Expense Report
                                                           ( See Report Below )
  If you are flipping houses, the EASY-Estimate software can assist with the financial analysis of your project.  You can create your own miscellaneous expense categories or use those provided by the software.  You can enter up to 11 different miscellaneous expense categories.  Budget and actual miscellaneous expense amounts are totaled and rolled up on the Profit or Loss Statement.

You can enter up to 2 interest only loans on your house flipping project.  Loan interest calculations are based on a 365 day year and the number of days that you hold a property.  The "Total Days Held" field is calculated by the EASY-Estimate program and is based on the purchase and anticipated sales date that you supply.  All interest expenses are totaled and included on the Profit or Loss Statement.

To learn more about the EASY-Estimate 4.1 house flipping program, click on    EASY-Estimate 4.1

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