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   Flip Task Schedule 1  -   Flipping Real Estate 
                                                                  ( See Report Below )
  The EASY-Estimate real estate flipping program assists with your task scheduling.  You can load task categories and budget expense amounts to your flip schedule by clicking on the "Load Tasks" control.  All flip tasks with positive budget expense amounts on the task expense input screen will be loaded to the task schedule in the order that they are listed.  If you do not wish to load the flip task list from the task expense input screen, you can enter your own flip schedule captions and budget amounts.  You can type over and rename any of the task entries at any time.  Just remember to save your changes.  Be sure to set up your real estate flipping task list in the order that you will be scheduling the construction. 

When you click on the arrow next to the Select Project Start Date caption, a calendar will appear.  When the project start date is selected via the calendar, the EASY-Estimate real estate flipping program will format the report dates at the top of your calendar for the first month of your renovation.  If you require an additional 31 days to schedule construction tasks, click on the Next 31 Days control box.  You are allowed to schedule up to 62 days of tasks via the flip task scheduling screen.

After the flipping task list and expense entries are loaded or entered.  You can schedule a task by clicking on the blank boxes across from the task under the appropriate date.  Clicking once on a box will change the box color to blue indicating that the flip task is scheduled for that day.  From the start date to the end date, click on each box once to schedule the task.  Clicking on a box twice will change the color to red indicating that the task is complete.  This allows you to periodically update the task schedule as the status of your flip project changes.  Clicking on a red box will clear out the color and set the box back to an unscheduled status.  The EASY-Estimate real estate flipping program makes task scheduling fast and easy and it allows you to quickly update the status of your real estate flip. To find out more about the EASY-Estimate real estate flipping software, click on  EASY-Estimate 4.1  

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