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            State Project Financing  -  Financing for State Projects 

We offer State project financing solutions that can be utilized by any state government agency.  Our financing program is an alternative to the issuance of state bonds.  It can be used to finance just about any state construction project such as office buildings, correctional facilities, parks, public transportation, hospitals, health care facilities, power generation projects, public works projects, universities and colleges, tourism related developments, etc.  For loans greater than 5 million, payment terms can range from 20 to 30 years.  If desired, NNN or bonded leases can be employed.  We provide state and federal financing nationwide in the United States and in many European countries.  All payment arrangements must be conducted in dollars or euros. 

The state government bond rating is used to qualify the debt.  Your Standard & Poor's or Moody's credit rating must be BBB or better.  The project developer typically receives a fee in addition to the P & I.   The state government agency needs to agree to pay off the debt with an irrevocable payment stream over the term of the debt.    

If you have a project you would like us to review, click on the "State Project Financing" link below and provide us with some general information about your project and your financial requirements.

Benefits to the state government include:

  Our state project financing solution can be implemented quickly.  The state government simply must agree to make payments for the term of the financing.

  Our state financing program uses credit rating for loan approval. We do not use bonding capacity.  Project size is not limited by bonding capacity.  This frees up the governmental agency to utilize their bonding capacity for other projects.

  With our state project financing solution, payments are made from the governments operating budget versus a capital budget outlay. 

  Large fees are typically associated with bond issuance.  We offer a more timely and financially competitive financing solution to bond issuance.

  With our State project financing program, the government does not have to spend any front money for architects, engineers, consultants, etc.  All project costs can be included in the payment.

  The project money is placed in an escrow account.  This allows the government to step in and bring in a new contractor if something happens to the current developer.

  There is no need to pledge additional revenue streams with our State financing program.  Bond issuance requirements often include designated revenue streams.

  State project financing solutions for United States and Europe

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